Film & TV production

Our visual wizards draw on 25 years of production experience in TV, Film and TVC’s to make on-screen magic.

Corporate videos

Isn’t this just making pretty pictures and editing them together with a dub step track? No? That must be why our directors keep harping about making corporate films that move people and drive sales. But pretty pictures and dub step can be fun right? Click here to view our corporate goodies.

APP creation

Gorgeous digit happiness. Upon forging greatness with our first mighty App, Zeus himself has recommended our god-like abilities. Well, maybe not Zeus, but we are still fairly awesome!

About Us

We are a team of crafty visual alchemist's with a slight obsession with forging gorgeous films that give you happy shivers. And despite our cheeky copy, we are here to make a difference!

If making media was as simple as finding a catchy soundtrack and lying it under a solid recital of your products handbook, then your Aunty’s cat could probably manage to master it. 

Our Aunty’s cats have proven to not be that creative though, so we’ve searched the land for that rare combination of genius storytellers and savvy technical screen ninjas. Which we are now hoarding in our Alexandria office.


Here you may witness some of the magic


The big wigs our artists have previously worked with.


To see what kind of cheeky tricks our peeps can employ to expose your companies inner awesome click below.

Film & TV

Would you like to sample some of the magical talent of our mystical storytellers. Our crew are available for full productions or freelance work.

Demo & Sizzle reels

Need to expose some of your amazingness to the wide world? Our Screen Samurai’s will cut a reel so fine it will make puppies weep with happiness.

Our Team


We are experts in crafting beautiful images that take you to your happy place.


We have bottled the essence of the of the old man sitting around the camp fire. It smells a bit funky, but it spews forth some storytelling gold.

Technically flawless

Our rough cut diamonds have made enough mistakes in their time to figure out how to do it right.



We handle all the pesky planning, story forging and draw in those funny little boxes to make sure our shoot days run smoothly.


Our storytellers and technicians wield the force on our sets to create cinematic happiness.


Our cutters know how to forge awesomeness to make your blood race and your heart tingle.

Motion graphics

Experts at adding sparkles and glitter, or just some sexy animation to lift the value of the video.


Our clever little nerds will forge some lyrical magic to help you express how freaking amazing your business is.

APP creation

So you wish to forge some finger happiness for to fulfil on some lofty plans. We can help you in this endeavour.


Level 1, 88 Bourke Rd. Alexandria NSW


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